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The world's premiere microfrontend hosting solution

Fully hosted & managed microfrontends—so your team can focus on building great software.

Microfrontends, like microservices on the backend, empower growing software teams to stay nimble and productive. But setting up and maintaining infrastructure to support them can be costly.

Created by the team behind the most popular microfrontend framework single-spa, Baseplate makes it simpler than ever to implement microfrontends for your app. Baseplate supports your microfrontends under the hood and provides simple management tools, so your team can focus on what they do best.

Happy devs,
happy customers.

Whether you’re brand new to microfrontends or you’ve been building with them for years, Baseplate’s tools are here to boost your team’s productivity and your product’s performance and quality. Baseplate makes it easy to create web apps, use custom domains, and much more.

Set up a fully functional web app on your domain in under ten minutes. Baseplate automatically generates a single-spa root config, deploys to all your environments, and optimizes performance with edge-side injection.


Host your CDN assets and web apps on custom domains with minimal DNS configuration and an API that makes it simple. You retain control over all front-end hosting infrastructure and can swap out hosting infrastructure at any point.


Hosting for your services (and your application’s service registry) that prioritizes blazing-fast delivery and four-nines uptime. It’s flexible, too: use our cloud storage provider, or bring your own.


Alongside hosting, you’ll get a powerful set of tools that save time and promote best practices out-of-the-box. Use Baseplate’s web Console or CLI to easily set up and manage your hosting.


Instant deployment using a single command with Baseplate’s CLI. Detailed deployment history and audit logs enable your team to diagnose and fix incidents quickly.


Ready-to-roll configuration files, generated just for you, to use with GitHub Actions, CircleCI, GitLab CI, AWS Code Deploy, and more. Get started with your app on Baseplate in hours, not weeks.


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